Business Valuation Melbourne

A business valuation gives you essential facts and figures that help you to understand the actual value of your organization in terms of income, market competition, and asset values. We help you to get an accurate business valuation assessment because estimates or assumption are not acceptable in the business world. It will also help you to get proper insurance coverage, and you would know how much you need to reinvest into your company. Moreover, if you are planning to sell your company, knowing the actual value is essential. It will help you to understand the resale value of the company. Our professionals will provide you with valuable facts and numbers, and our black and white statistics will solidify your stance while negotiating for a better selling price.
Most of the business owners have a general idea about the overall value of the business. They calculate it using simple data like bank account balances of the company, total asset value and stock market value. However, there are many more things to consider when it comes to business valuations. Eastendastoria is one of the leading valuation company in Australia as our professionals make sure that only correct facts accurate figures are provided.
Our business valuation report also gives you access to new Investors. When you look for additional investors who can provide the funding for the growth of the company or protect it from a financial disaster, the first thing investors will ask is the valuation report. The investors will like to see where they are investing their money will it provide them with a good return.

  • Prospective divestment technique
  • Internal sales of equity
  • Value investment/remunerate plans
  • Rebuild of business entities
  • Bank financing applications
  • Development of Return on Investment investigation
  • Key business arrangement
  • Buying a business
  • Selling a business
  • Selling the share or equity of the business
  • Looking for partner or investor in business
  • You want to retire or bypass the business to your family
  • You want to expand your business

And there are so many other reasons available to consider doing a business valuation of your business.

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